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Are You Aware?


Suppose, due to some accident, a tenth of your mind was lost. Suppose, too, that some highly-skilled surgeon could restore to you the missing one-tenth of your mind. Reclaiming that lost part of your mind would be worth any price, don't you agree? You would be inclined to do anything, pay any fee, that this one-tenth might be returned to its rightful owner, wouldn't you? Now, are you ready to hear this?

When we are talking about higher consciousness, we are not talking about discovering a missing tenth of our mind and our overall capacity for life. We are talking about nine-tenths. nine-tenths! When you do not have access to your own marvelous and magnificent higher consciousness, most of the qualities and aptitudes for success, in any degree, are missing. Without your higher consciousness, life is filled with disappointments. There is no lasting contentment. The consequences of poor judgment keep burdening you and adding to your problems each day. Of course, contacting your higher consciousness doesn’t mean an end to all problems but a refreshing intelligence and power is unleashed which enables you to solve problems and accomplish goals much, much more effectively.

The claim that when you are not in contact with your higher consciousness you are missing a whole nine-tenths of yourself, and of your capacity for a fine life, is not yet provable in a laboratory. However, those who have left their limited consciousness and discovered superconsciousness find so much benefit and enrichment that they commonly agree nine-tenths is a fair estimate of how much aptitude for fulfillment was missing. Many feel they were as if dead — dead! — before finding their higher consciousness. Now, immeasurably uplifted, they feel they have left that dead, limited, mechanical way of life. Living attuned to higher consciousness makes life heaven on earth.

Great life-enhancement awaits you, too, if you will stop ignoring your higher consciousness — the other nine-tenths of your faculties for a finer life.

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