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Are You Aware?

The Importance of Self-Knowledge

Suppose someone deposited three million dollars into your bank account this morning but did not tell you about it. Despite having three million dollars, you would spend your whole day normally, unaware of your great wealth. Unless you found out about that three million dollars, you would live your life as if your millions didn't exist. You wouldn't have the benefit of using your treasure or the security of knowing it's there. Unless you were already by some other means a millionaire, you would live your life spending each day with no concept of yourself as a wealthy person, nor of your nearby opportunities. You might even live as an extremely poor person, worried about the next meal or the utility bills, while at the same time being, in fact, extremely wealthy. Feeling poor, you would undoubtedly live a life of frustration and anxiety, sensing failure, believing yourself unable to meet your needs or the needs of loved ones.

Not knowing about your great treasure is an immense barrier to the fulfillment of your life. Ignorance of your treasure is, in effect, as powerful a limitation as not having any treasure at all. For unless you are aware of your phenomenal resources, you don't use them. Unless you have access to your great wealth, it may as well not be there. Days and years might go by without your life or outlook having the benefit of this wealth. You would likely call this ignorance of your true economic stature a tragedy, wouldn't you? A costly tragedy.

Great Inner Wealth 

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